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Room Acoustics

Room acoustics is a section of acoustics the deals with the way sound energy propagates and dissipates in an enclosed space. In developing cost effective solutions we often perform measurements to characterize the room acoustics. The characterization of room acoustics depends on the dimensions of the room, the sound absorption, and the transmission loss through the walls, floor, and ceiling.

We make measurements to estimate these acoustic noise parameters and often use them as a starting point to model improvements. We are familiar with many standards for quantifying room acoustic noises and acoustic noise levels for various industries and for a variety of situations.

room acoustics layout

We offer noise reduction services in many areas that include:

  • Facilities planning as part of the architectural/Engineering team for facilities that must meet stringent acoustic requirements.

  • Design of ultra quiet products such as medical devices

  • Design of acoustic enclosures for high-tech and industrial applications

  • The design and troubleshooting of ultra-sonic systems

1/3 octave band frequency graph

Acoustic problems in engineering are challenging because sound propagation is not only frequency dependent, but dependent on the dimensions of the enclosure. Unlike waves in water, we cannot see acoustic waves, and they propagate a little differently, but they are similar in many ways, they reflect, reinforce, cancel, and dissipate. The wave length (frequency) of a sound relative to the room size determines how sound waves will interact, or not.

estimation of sund absorption

Sound can behave like a oscillating hydrostatic pressure when the wavelength is long compared to the dimensions of the enclosure, or a system of standing waves when the wave length is on the same order of the dimensions of the space. The standing wave patterns increase in complexity at higher frequency (shorter wave lengths). When the wave length is very short compared to the dimensions of the enclosure sound travels like a beam of light.

balanced noise criterion curves
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