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We consult on projects for universities and other institutions involved in research. We recently worked on a vibration problem common to both Gemini Observatories. The Gemini Observatory is an astronomical observatory consisting of two 8.19-metre (26.9 ft) telescopes. Gemini North is in Hawaii and Gemini South is in Chile. They are currently among the largest and most advanced optical/infrared telescopes available to astronomers. 

gemeni astronomical telescope vibration and modal analysis testing

To increase image quality they actively correct for dynamic optical fluctuations of the atmosphere. To aid in the image optimization process, we were called upon to characterize the vibration environment of the giant telescope, and to perform a modal analysis on the structure to identify how the telescope moves in response to the environmental excitation (see also Diagnostic TestingVibration Testing, and Modal and Resonance Testing).

We worked with the University of California at Irvine to improve the floor design for their new genomics research facility combining experimental modal analysis of existing floor systems with FEA modeling to improve and validate a new design. At the same time we were working on cutting edge gene sequencing equipment in the Bio-Tech industry allowing for high resolution microscopy (with sub-micron resolution) in demanding upper floor and table top environments.

From telescopes, to gene sequencing, to an obscure project that involve vibration sensitive meal worms, we enjoy working in science and research putting our broad background in basic physics, experimental design, and expert structural dynamics knowledge to good use. 

vibration sensitive meal worms

One of our stranger jobs involved vibration sensitive meal worms

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